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  • CEO directly operates stove pizza stores.

  • Operate the head store and 20 affiliates of Oak brazier pizza

  • Opened the 1st Pizza Maru store, a take-away pizza store and began franchise business.

  • Established
    Food Zone Co. Ltd

  • Opened the 50th Pizza Maru store.

  • Relocated the Food Zone building.

  • Established a research center to develop dough and products.

  • Built a factory to make doughs and began production.

  • Opened the 100th Pizza Maru store.

  • Registed a patent for green tea well-being dough (Patent registration number: No. 10-0866722).

  • Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

  • Selected as a company using purely natural cheese through KBS.

  • Opened the 200th
    Pizza Maru store.

  • Won a prize as an excellent medium and small company (Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Administration).

  • Increased dough-manufacturing factories (Secured production of dough for 20 million pizzas a year)

  • Opened the 400th Pizza Maru store.

  • Won a prize from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Organised by the Institute for Franchise Industries Studies).

  • Began social contribution programs through providing supplies to public childcare centers and joining voluntary activites.

  • Selected as Excellent Franchise by Small and Medium Business Administration.

  • Launched 'GOSOMI CHICKEN', a
    take-away chicken brand (2nd brand).

  • Opened the 500th Pizza Maru store.

  • Won the grand prize of 'This Year's Brand, 2011' organised by The Korea Economic Daily and Korean Customers' Forum
    (2 consecutive years).

  • Opened the 1st store in Singapore at South Wing of Northpoint City.

  • Franchise to and operated by Gratify Group Pte Ltd.

  • Opened the 2nd store in Singapore at Bugis+.

  • Opened the 3rd
    store in Singapore at
    Jewel Changi Airport.

  • The research center developed Pizza Maru products was officially certified by the government (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning).

  • Announced on Pizza Maru's overseas entry.

  • Opened the 530th Pizza Maru store.

  • Launched
    'GO! STEAK!', an iron-plate steak brand (3rd brand).

  • Signed a Master
    Franchise contract in Beijing

  • Signed a Master Franchise contract in Hong Kong.

  • Opened the 1st store in Beijing.

  • Opened the 1st store in
    Hong Kong and the 2nd store
    in Beijing.

  • Received an award from the Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs award.

  • Prepare to open the 1st store in New York.

  • Prepare to open the 3rd store in Beijing.

  • Operating about 620 stores in Korea and abroad.

  • Won Brand of the Year award for 6 consecutive years.

  • Selected as excellent franchise by the Korean government for 5 consecutive years.

  • Selected as one of the nation's largest 100 franchises for 2 consecutive yeaers.